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Best Lipstick Colors for Younger Look

Lipstick Colors for Younger Look

The significance of lipsticks is unambiguous for us. This cosmetic product has the power to make or break your look. Professor Richard Russell ‘s research says that’ the perception of the age depends on the contrast colors on your face’. In simple words, blush, eye shade, highlighter, mascara, lipsticks etc. provide you a younger look. Here we help you to find best lipstick colors for younger look according to the skin tone which complements you and your personality.

Lipstick Colors for Younger Look

Selection of right shade adds some more radiance and sophistication to your makeup. If the shade is suitable for your skin tone, complexion and shape of your lips it helps you to look far prettier and younger. Lipstick is also considered as a go-to makeup. It not only provides you a stunning bold look but also protects the sensitive skin of your lips and help lipstick colors for younger look. The enriched oil pigments in lipstick hydrate and nourish your lips and also protect them from dangerous rays of the sun while lipstick colors for younger look providing you a younger look by deducting some years off from your actual age.

Perfect Pout

Research suggests that women having firmer and fuller lips look younger than they really are. According to Unilever Scientist David Gunn, perfect pout contributes to make a woman look younger. According to Mr. Gunn “even if you have some wrinkles or grey hairs, a beautiful plump pout will help to take years off from your age.”

Perfect Pout

Perception About Bold Red Lipstick

According to Professor Richard Russell from C. E. R. I. E. S Epidermal and Sensory research and investigation Center. “the faces with sharper contrast colors, look younger.” He also explains that they consider rosy cheeks and red lips as a mark of youth. So, bold red lip color contribute positively to the provision of a younger look. While wrong choices will destroy your appearance and go totally against by adding years to your age on the other hand lipstick colors for younger look.

On the contrary, perfect and experienced selection of lipstick can help you look young and breath taking. You just need to keep in mind few points, and must avoid some habits, which will be explained in this article.

Bold sassy Red Lipstick

Steps to Select A Lipstick For Younger Look

Perfect lipstick colors for younger look is the key to enjoy being young your entire life.

First step, to get a perfect lip color which gives you a younger look you must have some knowledge about your skin tone If the selection and finish of lip color is not according or suitable to your skin tone it will add many years to your look.

Second step, the selection of lipstick’s texture. Lipsticks come in different textures such as creamy, matte or glossy. You can choose different textures to attain the lip finish for your look.

Third step, and the most essential part is ‘ways of application’.,

Fourth step, if you aim that your lipstick gives you a younger look, lip care is the most essential and necessary step. Regular use of lip care cosmetic product helps in nourishing your lips and gives them a fresh, youthful look.

Select A Lipstick For Younger Look

Shade Selection on the Basis of Skin Tone

Shades for Light Skin Tone

People with fair skin tone are recommended to use bright colors for a younger look such as bright pink, peaches, mauves and different neon shades give them a young look.

Shades For Light Skin Tone

Shades for Medium Skin Tone

These people fall in the sun-kissed category. Caramel lip colors help them attain a younger look such as different shades of brown and tulip shades provide them a marvelous look and glow that helps to pull out a beautiful and youthful look. People with golden skin tone should avoid bold colors as it can make them look much older.

Shades For Medium-Golden Skin Tone

Shades for Warm/Olive Skin Tone

Olive skin tone looks amazingly radiant and young in orange-based coral shades. People with olive complexion belong to warm skin tone. All the nudes and peachy pinks look absolutely stunning on them. By giving them a completely fresh and young look with the addition of subtle glow.

Shades For Warm-Olive Skin Tone

Shades for Dark Skin Tones

To being young and beautiful, with darker skin tones, bold red lipstick will always do the trick. Magenta and raspberry shades also look enchanting on ladies with darker skin tones as these shades always emphasize on the lips and make them prominent and youthful.

Shades For Dark Skin Tones

Finishing of Lipstick Colors for Younger Look

Matte and Creamy Lipstick Finish

Lipstick With Matte Finish

Matte lipsticks are dry in the finish and they may dry out your lips. As a result, fine lines appear which is not a good choice if you aim for a younger look.

Lipstick With Creamy Finish

In contrast to matte lipsticks creamy lipsticks provide a creamy touch and softness to the lips that make them look younger. Creamy lipsticks with gloss give your overall look a young, fresh vibrant vibe.

Ways to Apply Lipstick

Applications of the lipstick plays a very essential role in transforming your looks. So, you must improve your lipstick application skills. Which needs lots of practice and experiments. You can also take honest suggestions from cosmetic consultants in this regard, for a perfect and long-lasting lipstick always apply lip liner and then blend it with a similar shade of lipstick.

Lip Care For Younger Looking Lips

Here are few tips to follow for a younger-looking lip color

  • Never apply lipstick on dry lips.
  • Always exfoliate your lips before lipstick applications.
  • Never forget to scrub your lips
  • Use lip primer before application
  • Use a good lip balm on a regular basis.

Lip Color to Avoid

If you are wishing for a lipstick that will give you a younger look there are few shades you must avoid. Although each skin tone has its own demands but in general dark colors and pale shades may add years to your age. Also don’t use those lipsticks that sucks up lip’s natural moisture.

For Getting Young, Fresh Look

If you want to get a younger yet unique look try to use different shades of warm reds, warm pink and different shades of brown and must avoid those color that gives you older look such as dark maroon, dark purple, and nudes. These lip colors are for all skin tones.


Bold lip colors help you enjoy a younger look. Talking to a cosmetic consultant is beneficial as they will also update you with the changing trends of lipsticks for a younger look, Moreover, focus on your skincare and the selection of the shade according to your skin tone and lip shape. Blog-Ox.