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Can You Wear Red Lipstick Everyday?

Can You Wear Red Lipstick Everyday with Smile

Red lips are considered as the most popular and classic makeup look. But there is a misconception that ruby lips are always meant for special occasions. If you are someone who is super fond of red lipsticks but are confused that can you wear red lipstick everyday? we have some good news for you!

It is scientifically approved that Red is the best lipstick for daily use. Researchers also conclude that red lipstick contributes to making you feel determined and young. People usually admire the girls who wear red lipstick every day as it feels that they are very self-conscious like a self size caricature. Ruby lips make you look vibrant, bold, and daring. Red lipstick make you feel more spontaneous, glamorous, and ladylike.

Red Lipsticks for Everyday

According to research held by the CHANEL research department, wearing red lipstick daily helps you to achieve more young, attractive look due to facial contrast. Because of aging, lips start to get pale. Red lips help to balance this out. Another study held at Harvard University argued that out of 100 people the majority of them answer that women who wear red lipstick at the workplace seems more confident.

can you wear red lipstick everyday

The red color splits its user in two groups:

  • The once in a blue moon, occasional users and
  • The madly in love with red lipstick, regular users.
Reasons to Wear Red Lipsticks Everyday

Four Scientific Reasons to Wear Red Lipstick Daily

1. People will think you are younger than your actual age (research conducted at Pennsylvania college).

Red lipsticks

2. If you are a waitress you will get better tips with red lipstick (A study from Universite de Bretagne-Sud in France).

3. It could make you look more competent at work (A study by Procter & Gamble)

4.The more red lipstick you wear, the more selfies you take, which is a positive gesture (A study conducted by Cover Girl and Harvard).They also observed that women who wear red lipstick for four or more days a week are significantly, more confident than those who don’t use red lipstick.

Can You Wear Red Lipstick Everyday to Excite

A red lip can mean so many things, from a high gloss to a matte finish to sheer tints and stains that are hydrating minus the whole hair-stuck-to-your-lips thing. You can enjoy playing around with new formulas and textures of red color variants by different brands. But still the question persist in mind can you wear red lipstick everyday? have a look on advantages then decide.

Advantages of Wearing Red Lipstick Daily

If the above mentioned researches are not enough to answer the “can you wear red lipstick everyday?” question, then we have some convincing advantages of red lipsticks to help make up your mind.

Brighten and Whiten Your Smile

Blue based red lipsticks will make your lips whiter and brighter. This shade instantly provides your teeth brightness without a professional tooth whitening treatment which is much costly.

Brighten and Whiten Your Smile

It Suits All Skin Tones

Many women avoid bold color lipstick as they are conscious about their skin tone and they feel bold lipstick might clash with their skin tone making them pale and dull. But bright red lipstick suits and complement a variety of skin tones and complexions with both full and natural makeup.

It Suits All Skin Tones

It Saves Precious Time

If you wake up late in the morning or you are not a morning person, then red lipstick prevents you from the struggle of managing your time for makeup and hairdo. You can confidently leave the home with just one bright red lipstick.

Can You Wear Red Lipstick Everyday of Life


Thinking about statement making lipsticks, red color is the first choice that comes to our minds. And how good is it to wear it all day, everyday. From the above discussion and research, it is clear that wearing red lipstick daily is really not a bad idea. It provides you a classic and versatile look. So, next time if you find yourself thinking can you wear red lipstick everyday, don’t hesitate, just pick the red lipstick and rock the world every day. Blog-Ox.