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Which Lipstick Color Best Complement your Skintone?

Which Lipstick Color Best Complement your Skintone

Lipsticks are the first thing that comes to the mind when we think of cosmetics and to be honest, why not? Who would not fall in love with the sleek n slender tubes filled with colors and happiness? In today’s beauty-obsessed world, there is an infinite variety of shades and textures of lipsticks to choose from. While this gives the buyers the freedom to choose, it can also be overwhelming. The more the variety, the greater the hassle. With so many to choose from, it can be mindboggling to find a lipstick shade that suits you the best. So, here are some tips to find which lipstick color best complement your skin tone?

Ever wondered how an accidentally bought shade became your go to shade where as a lipstick that costed you a fortune failed to live up to your expectation? The answer lies within you! Lipsticks that complement your skin tones are your best friends and those contradicting the skin tones can be a real nightmare. Just a little knowledge about your skin will help you choose the most flattering shade for yourself. You may think aloud yourself about “Which lipstick color best complement your skin tone?”

We are here to save the effort for you. Today’s blog is all about tips and tricks to help you walk down the lipstick aisle choosing your statement shade. We’ll help you find what color lipstick you should be wearing and those that are the most complementary to your skin. So, whether you’re looking for a daily go-to shade or want to make a statement, we’ll help you find a lipstick that is tailor-made for you. So, let’s dive in with this question “which lipstick color best complement your skin tone?”

Undertones for Lipstick Color Best Complement your Skintone?

Undertones – The Game Name

In your beauty guide book undertones are the torch bearers. The undertone of one’s skin is the most decisive factor while buying any beauty product. Your skin can have either yellow or pink undertones. Yellow undertones are warmer and pink undertones are cooler. Your undertone will significantly affect which shades of lipstick look the best on you. To find a shade that complements your undertone, try concentrating on similar hues.

In general, cool undertones work well with cool shades of lipsticks, such as those with purple or blue tones. If you have a cool undertone, classic reds will look flattering on you.

On the contrary, if you belong to the clan of warm undertones, all the warmer shades of lipsticks will look amazing on you. Peaches and orange-toned lipsticks are your go-to shades.

Confused that your skin tone looks a little like both of the above-mentioned descriptions? Fret not dear lady! For you lie among those who are blessed with a neutral undertone. You can go with both cool and warm lip shades and trust me you will rock in both of them.

Skin tone for Lipstick Color Complement your Skin Tone?

Complexion – What You See Is What You Get!

People all around the world come in different colors. Diversity is beauty and everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. However, knowing your complexion can be really helpful to choose your statement set of lipsticks. Here is a small trick how— Closely examine your skin in sunlight without any makeup. Focus on your jawline area and check if your complexion is dark, tan, medium, light or fair.

Once you know both your undertone and skin complexion, finding the shades that suit you the best is a piece of cake. Let us now walk you step by step in the world of lipsticks helping you handpick the one’s that are made just for you!

Bonus tip

Always pick your lipstick in natural light, so you see the true shades. Lighter skins show more color and lip colors appear bolder. Dark skin tones, whereas, add more depth to the color.

Best Lipsticks for Fair Skin

Ladies with fair skin have a rather pale complexion and tend to get sun burns easily. If you have fair skin, feel free to play with bold and deep colors.

★ Best Lipsticks for Fair Skin with Cool Undertone

Look at your wrist. If the veins appear bluer you have cool undertone. So, if you are fair and cool nudes will look really nice on you. Also shades of browns are your go to shades and although reds and pinks both are your strengths a raspberry shade will look amazing on you.

★ Best Lipsticks for Fair Skin with Warm Undertone

If the veins on your wrist appear greenish that means you have a warm undertone. For ladies who are fair and warm, pinks and peaches should be an everyday pick.

★ Best Lipsticks for Fair Skin with Day Light Shades

If you are going to a hi-tea or have to attend a wedding in broad daylight, fair skinned ladies can go with shades of beige, coral, orange, pink or peach.

★ Best Lipsticks for Fair Skin with Evening Shades

Want to rock your Saturday night outs? Want to add spice to your dinner look? Any evening apparel can become seductive by using the correct shades. For evening looks, fuchsia, purple and deep reds will do wonders.

Bonus tip

Try not to use anything which is too light such as pastel shades to avoid looking drained out.

Best Lipsticks for Light Skin

If you think you fall into the fair category but don’t get sunburns rather tend to get tan easily, you belong to a closely related type and are light skinned.

If you have this skin tone, you share your color wheel with the fair skinned ladies. Colors such as pinkish beige, coral, and peach will make flattering choices.

★ Best Lipsticks for Light Skin with Cool Undertones

For cooler undertones, mocha and raspberry shades will do wonders for you.

★ Best Lipsticks for Light Skin with Warm Undertones

Pale pinks, orange-corals, camel and beige are the shades for you. If you prefer something more pigmented, try a pink-red or red-based coral.

Bonus tip

Love them nudes? Try applying nudes that have a rosy hue. Also, toffee nudes will also look pretty on you.

Best Lipsticks for Medium Skin

Medium skin tones aren’t usually sensitive to the sun. If you think your skin is not too fair neither to dark you have a medium skin tone. Lip colors that are rose, mauve and berry pink will look absolutely flattering on you.

★ Best Lipsticks for Medium Skin with Cool Undertones

Berry pinks such as cranberry shade will complement your skin tone. Make you night looks sassy and seductive by using wine lip color.

★ Best Lipsticks for Medium Skin with Warm Undertones

For warmer undertones reds with a hint of orange will look super attractive. If you want to play a little, try using copper or bronze shades and trust me you will be surprised to see how much they will complement your skin tone.

Bonus tip

Brown-mauve, beige and soft pink can be excellent nudes for this skin tone.

Best Lipsticks for Tan Skin

Ladies with tan and olive complexions should avoid using browns and deep purples. Lip shades with deep pink hues and orange-based shades are your go to shades.

★ Best Lipsticks for Tan Skin with Warm Undertones

Orange-based reds and tangerines look great on warm complexions.

★ Best Lipsticks for Tan Skin with Cool Undertones

Cool undertones better suit cherry red and shades of wine.

Bonus tip

Olive tones are generally neutral and therefore they have a lot of margin to play with shades. Almost any shade of red, pink, orange or nude will look good on them.

Best Lipstick for Dark Skin

If your skin tone is dark varying shades of purple and brown will go best with you. Lip colors like plum and deep reds are a good choice for formal gatherings. Wine and caramel shades will look really nice on you.

★ Best Lipstick for Dark Skin with Cool Undertone

If you are dark and cool metallic reds and merlot will look striking on you.

★ Best Lipstick for Dark Skin with Warm Undertone

For a dark and warm skin, you can stand out with cherry reds and copper shades.

Bonus tip

Dark skinned ladies should avoid using paler shades of lipsticks as they will look washed out. Confused about nudes? Try warmer tones such as caramels and rose gold. A rich berry shade will do wonders for you. Blog-Ox.