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Why is pink lipstick color common in teenage girls???

lipstick color common in teenage girls

Growing up and entering the teenage phase is all about getting to know yourself in a new light, experimenting with unusual things, and learning different stuff while facing the ups and downs of this roller coaster phase. Along with these things, it is also a time when dabbing makeup in full swing comes to girls’ minds, that’s why we are here to give you insight about lipstick color common in teenage girls.

lipstick color common in teenage girls

Some makeup looks such as dark lips or heavy eye makeup look fit only on women and not on young girls. These tricks might end up looking tacky on the tender face of a teenager. This is a place where pink lipstick color comes in handy with teenage girls as it holds the tendency to give a sweet look on the face. Especially those little girls, who love pink more than any color in the world find it easy and convenient to enter the teenage world makeup look with a pink lipstick in hand. This is one of the key reasons that we find pink lipstick color common in teenage girls.

why is pink lipstick color common in teenage girls

Why pink?

There is no doubt in it, that pink is naturally an alluring and charming color and the way that it has become a representative of the feminine gender is another factor. Pink is so pretty of a color, that even renowned author and artist C. Joybell C. could not stop herself from admiring the color pink and correctly said that, “Pink is a beautiful color because it is one of the colors that the sun makes at twilight and in the dawns.”

It is also assumed that The color pink can make anything look pretty.

lipstick color common in teenage girls

Pink is one of those universal colors, where there is literally a shade for everyone as it can suit practically any skin tone. There is a wide shade range available in this color ranging from dark pink lipsticks, bright pinks, soft muted pink shades, and light corals and blush pink lipsticks which by and large, covers all the skin shades which a woman may have.

It can give a look that is classic, playful, electric, or way out there and that is why pink is a lipstick color common in teenage girls, as it is very easy to rock out. It is something that anyone and everyone can pull off very easily on any dress or any occasion. Considering any outfit, pinks are so versatile that it can be worn with just about anything.

Pink color lipstick

Dana Delgetty has rightly said that “You can never go wrong with a little pink…. a lot works too.”

For a young teenage girl, pink lipstick color is a must to have in any season as pink lips are a fun trend to try out all year round making it a lipstick color common in teenage girls. For young girls concerned about fashion, pink is the color that never goes out of style. They’re playful and punchy for the summer months and they also do well to brighten up a fall or winter look. Miley Cyrus is absolutely not wrong with “Pink isn’t just a color. It’s an attitude too.”

Pink is not just a color

There are some great benefits to wearing pink shade lipstick. To start with, lighter shades like pink can make the lips appear fuller, whereas dark vampy lips can make a pout appear small. Considering that all the youngsters seem to want a bigger pout these days, there is a huge advantage to wearing pink, making it a lipstick color common in teenage girls.

Pink Cowgirl

Secondly, pink is one of the balanced, or what you can say middle-of-the-road type formulation that virtually works always, no matter what the price range is. Where super light nudes and deep, dark vampy colors are hard to formulate and may leave you with a patchy look sometimes (which is absolutely not so cute), pink color comes in handy. Sometimes, even the best companies do not make it up to the mark with darker lipstick shades. But when it comes to pink color, almost every formulation is pigmented therefore making it easy to work with, which in turn makes the pink shade lipstick just perfect.

Pink lady

According to a study, surprisingly, lipstick color reveals a lot about personality. And so does pink lipstick about teenagers, be them introvert or extrovert. 

According to Shilpa Ahuja: “Pink is the only color that can make you look simple and complicated at the same time.”

Teenage girls are dreamy, romantic, cheerful, and, adventurous. They are always ready for fun and are an amazing person who is full of love and care and innocent by nature. They enjoy every aspect of life and know how to live in the moment. Their friends look up to them as an excellent source of energy and optimism. And so does the pink shade reveals about the personality traits which are exactly the same as any teenage girls’ personality.

Pink Selfie

Being the feminine color that pink is, one can’t be wrong with when applying pink color that it gives her the Pink Power. Even the pink color psychology tells that it interprets calmness, kindness, and nurturing.

And considering this pink power one cannot be wrong like just as Lilly Pulitzer says “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.” Reflecting on the teenage stage of life, young girls just want to stick with pink lipstick color for the sake of pink power and face the ups in downs of this step of life with confidence and pride in her femininity. So, girls, there is always some pink (or you can say pink lipstick) for your blues.

Pink Lips

“As long as there is pink in the world, it will always be a better place.” – Stacy Martian.

We can say that in short, pink shade representing softness, femininity, and tenderness and holding endless possibilities, is no doubt the best match for any woman or young age girl making it the lipstick color common in teenage girls. Blog-Ox.