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Lipstick Brands Review – Most Popular of 2020


Hello beauty fam! Today’s blog is all about the brand reviews. I’ve compiled as many brands as I could. The list includes a variety of drugstore lipstick brands. The brands reviewed below are easily available and are pocket-friendly. It will save u the hustle from trying random products on yourself, just take a look below and you will surely get some helpful information about which brands to go for.

Nabi Cosmetics

Nabi Cosmetic Lipstick Brand Review

Top on our list is Nabi Cosmetics. The liquid matte lipsticks of this brand are absolutely economical and worth every penny. The shades are all richly pigmented and dries to give the perfect matte finish. The formula is long lasting and can go for hours without smudging even after eating or drinking.

Apart from Matte finish lipsticks they also offer a glittery collection. The glitter liners are to die for. Fabulous colors with amazing pigmentation and comes with an all-day long durability. The texture is super smooth and glides on your lips like lip balms.

Although the complete collection is super gorgeous but my personal favorites are Morning Coffee, Plum Wine, Sunrise and Burnt Sugar. The brand provides a large variety of corals and pinks. You can definitely give them a try for smooth velvety lips that stays all day long!

BenefitEconomical and Long lasting
Product TypesMatte Lipsticks, Glossy+ Matte lip Crayons, Lip Sets
Lacking FactorSimilar shades
Blog-Ox Rating3/5

Lipstick Queen

Lipstick Queen Lipstick Brand Review

Anyone who loves lipstick needs to own at least one tube from Lipstick Queen

This line was stated by Poppy King—the brand owner of Poppy Lipsticks and Lipstick Queen. What makes her unique is the fact that Poppy King is not a makeup expert in fact she is a lipstick enthusiast. Sounds Familiar! Why not trust someone who is just into lipsticks as much as we are.

Lipstick Queen (LQ) offers a collection of glossy and matte lipsticks. Coming in a flattering variety of colors, these lipsticks are cheerfully bright, pigmented and odorless. The brand brings both subtle and statement colors so u can rock any look you want.

The lipsticks have a smooth application and stays on all day long. However, these are not really hydrating and can leave your lips feeling dry. You need to apply a little lip balm and you are good to go.

My favorite shades from this brand are Coral Red from the LQ Sinner Lipstick collection, Cheeky Chestnut from their Nothing But the Nudes Lipstick collectionand Peculiar Pink from their Method in the Madness Lipstick collection.

BenefitCheerfully bright and odorless
Product TypesMatte Lipsticks, Liquid Lipsticks, Lip Glosses, Lip Crayons and Lip Liners
Lacking FactorNot very hydrating
Blog-Ox Rating4/5

Anself Cosmetics

Anself Cosmetics - Lipstick Brands

Next on our list of drugstore brands is the Anself Cosmetics. Anself offer two ranges of lipsticks. The Leopard Print Moisturizing Lipsticks and Gloss The Balm Lip Rouge.  The colors are pretty but the shades are more or less similar.

The lipsticks are odorless and smooth in terms of application. The lipsticks are not very pigmented but you can achieve the desired color by double coats. Although the name includes moisturizing, but for me the formula was not very moisturizing neither hydrating. In fact, it left my lips a little sticky.

However, the lipsticks are waterproof and smudge proof and stays on for a reasonably longer period of time.

Product Types Leopard Print Moisturizing Lipsticks, Gloss The Balm Lip Rouge
Key IngredientVitamin E and Aloe vera
Lacking FactorDry formula, Stiff Applicator
Blog-Ox Rating1/5

Froomer Waterproof Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Froomer Lipstick Brand Review

Another lipstick brand that is on our list of amazing yet economic lipsticks is Froomer Waterproof Long-Lasting Lipstick.

These lipsticks are super pigmented and glides on your lips oh so smoothly. Also, they have a heavenly fragrance and smell like cupcakes. However, if you are among those who turn off by fragrant products it’s not a big deal either. The fragrance goes away as soon as the lip color dries, so you are good to go.

The lipsticks are really durable and you can wear them throughout without worrying about the reapplication every now and then. Although the lipstick sticks to your lips but they are not very difficult to remove. Just a swab of makeup remover will do the trick.

Froomer Long-Lasting Lipsticks dry to give a smooth matte finish. The formula is hydrating and your lips don’t dry out after application.

BenefitPigmented, Smooth finish and Hydrating
Key IngredientVitamin E and Beeswax
Product Types Color-changing Lipstick Lip Pen, Matte Liquid Lipsticks
Lacking FactorFeels sticky on lips
Blog-Ox Rating2/5

Beauty Glazed Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Beauty Glazed Lipstick Brand Review

Beauty Galzed offers a set of nude liquid lip colors that dry to give a matte finish. For me the colors were pretty awesome and really pigmented. The application is smooth however the applicator is very small and it took me two to three applications to achieve the required color on my lips. 

The lipsticks come in a very cute packaging and smells like chocolate. The duration for which it stays is really good as they are quite long lasting. These lipsticks are smudge proof but you will probably need a reapplication after lunch time.

The only bummer is that they leave your lips feeling dry and if you apply a lip balm underneath the lipstick’s durability is considerably compromised. Also, it is a bit sticky and if you are in a habit of chapping your lips just after application you will find them sticking together. However, this issue resolves as soon as the lip color dries.

Taking it off is not very easy but some coconut oil will do the trick for you. My personal favorites from this set were Dolce, Koko, Leo and Kristen.

BenefitVibrant shades, Durability, Chocolaty odor
Product Types Liquid Matte Lipsticks, DE’LANCE Matte Lipstick Palette
Lacking FactorSmall Applicator
Blog-Ox Rating3/5

Burt’s Bees Lipsticks

burtsnbees - Lipstick Brands

Burt’s Bees Lipsticks are a favor to your lips. An all-natural formula promises least damage and maximum hydration to the lips. These lipsticks provide you with a vibrant hue on our lips with a hint of shimmer. Unfortunately, the glossy texture is a hurdle in the long lasting of this lipstick and you require a re-touch quite a few times.

My favorite shades from Burt’s Bees Lipsticks is the Sunset Cruise from their Satin lipstick collection and Blush Ripple from their Glossy lipstick collection.

BenefitMoisturizes and Hydrates your lips
Key IngredientMorinaga Oil, Red Raspberry Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil
Shades Available18 Satin and 6 Glossy shades
Packaging TypePlastic tube with a Honey-comb imprinted front.
Lacking FactorReduced Longevity and Lesser Pigmentation
Blog-Ox Rating4/5

Elf Cosmetics

Elf Cosmetics - Lipstick Brands

E.L.F. Cosmetics has always been persistent with their performance and affordability. The brand offers a variety of lip products including matte lipsticks, lip glosses and liquid lipsticks along with lip pencils and lip pellets. E.L.F. lipsticks are pigmented and gives a smooth finish; however, you need to re-apply them a few times a day.

The only downside is their packaging as its very difficult not to take a chunk away every time you re-apply the cap. Also, the formula is not very hydrating but all is well with a swipe of gloss on the lips.

Our pick from this brand is their Flirty and fabulous shade which is a fun pink that is suitable for everyday wear.

BenefitPigmented, Smooth finish and Economical
Key IngredientArgon Oil, Rose Extract and Vitamin E
Product Types Velvet Matte Lipsticks, Liquid Matte Lipsticks, Lip Plumping Glosses
Lacking FactorInconvenient packaging and Dry formula
Blog-Ox Rating4/5

Coosa Cosmetics

Coosa Cosmetics - Lipstick Brands

Apart from a variety of other products, Coosa have also released a range of liquid lipsticks. These matte finish lipsticks come in 8 vibrant colors and last all day long. Although the formula has a dry matte finish but its very light weight and has a mild chocolate fragrance.

These lipsticks are a little sticky on lips but are smudge proof. Vitamin E formula leaves your lips hydrated. A little tricky to take off but some coconut oil or cleansing milk will glide it off smoothly from your lips.

BenefitLight weight and Long lasting
Key IngredientVitamin E
Product Types Matte Liquid Lipsticks (8 Colors)
Lacking FactorSticky and Dry matte
Blog-Ox Rating2/5

Wet n Wild Cosmetic

wetnwild - Lipstick Brands

Wet n Wild offers an amazing range of lipsticks at a very economical price. The lipsticks are hydrating and loaded with vitamin A and E. A wide variety of shades from nudes to bolds, allow you to choose freely according to your skin tone and complexion. However, most of the shades are suitable for almost all skin tones.

The only bummer is that the lipsticks are not smudge proof and after 4 to 6 hours only the ring remains.

Our favorite shades from this brand are the Red Velvet from their Mega Last Lip Color range and Goth Topic from the Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks.  Nudie Patootie is the perfect nude beige if you want to rock an everyday no make-up look.

BenefitCruelty free, Fragrance free, Creamy
Key IngredientMurumuru Seed Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, Argan Oil and Vitamin A+ E
Product Types Mega Last Lip Color, Catsuit liquid lipsticks, Silk Lipsticks.
Lacking FactorInconvenient packaging, less durability.
Blog-Ox Rating3/5