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Lipstick Brands Owned by Celebrities

Lipstick Brands Owned by Celebrities

Lipstick is tied in with having a great time and communicating your temperament at random. Celebrity is a person who gets fame and public attention, especially from the entertainment and sports industry. Many celebrities have their own makeup brands that have a  far-reaching range of lipsticks, lip glosses and foundations, etc. Let’s, have a look at some renowned lipstick brands owned by celebrities from all over the world that have their own makeup line.

1. Rihanna

Lipstick Brands Owned by Celebrities - Rihanna

Rihanna is a singer, actress and songwriter. She lived in Barbados, a country in the Caribbean. She launched a cosmetic brand with the name “ Fenty beauty “ in 2017. Her brand is famous for the widest range of 50 different shades of foundation and concealer. Her brand was awarded in the list of top 25 best invention in 2017. She is a #1 in our list of lipstick brands owned by celebrities.

Fenty Beauty

There are two types of lipsticks in “Fenty Beauty” that includes “Matte-Moselle Plush Lipstick” and “Stunna Lip Paint.” These lipsticks come in a selender tube packaging and has a broad range of colors. This range of lipsticks has a matte finish and are light weight on the lips. In 2018, this lipstick range has been awarded the “Allure best of beauty award.” These lipsticks are available in $18 and The most amazing thing about this brand is, it also allows the customer to buy the product in 4 easy installments without any interest.

2. Kylie Jenner

Lipstick Brands Owned by Celebrities - Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner is a US national and a media girl and business woman. She is 22 years old and the founder/owner of “Kylie Cosmetics.” She started her business in 2015. Kylie’s brand started selling Lip compact Kits, a fluid lipstick, lip liners and glosses. She plan the brand opening in 2015. After one year, she changed the brand name from Kylie lip kit to Kylie cosmetics in 2016.

Kylie Cosmetic

Kylie cosmetics also offer lipstick kit bundle that contains 6 different lipsticks and lip liner shades in just $316. Kylie’s brand line also offers amazing lip glosses in just $16 with single lipstick in $26.

3. Victoria Beckham

Lipstick Brands Owned by Celebrities - Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a fashion designer and singer. She is the owner of “Victoria Beckham’s Beauty.” She started to work in the makeup field in the year 2016 with the collaboration of well-known brand Estee Lauder.  She believes that every woman should have the right to look beautiful in gorgeous dresses and makeup. That’s why she started her own makeup city to introduce new shades and new products to compete with other lipstick brands owned by celebrities.

Victoria Beckham’s Beauty

Her brand offers a lip tint in six different shades in $34. This lip tint has its own definition and name because of its gel texture. Victoria Beckham’s also has its Lip Definer at the price of $24.

4. Katies Holmes

Lipstick Brands Owned by Celebrities - Katies Holmes

Katies Holmes is an American actress and producer. She worked in more than 20 films while owning her makeup brand named “Bobbi Brown.” Her brand came into existence in 1991. Her motto is to make girls glamorous , calm and  confident. In her interview, she said, “Beauty is yours to create with Bobbi Brown Lip range…”

Bobbi Brown

This brand offers a crushed oil infused lip gloss , extra lip tint , crushed lip color lipsticks and luxe matte lip colors. Bobbi brown lipsticks are long lasting even in the summer days. The nude lipstick range complements every skin tone.

5. Iman Mohamed Abdul-Majid

Lipstick Brands Owned by Celebrities - Iman Cosmetics

Iman is a fashion icon, actress, and entrepreneur . She also started and owned her business by the name of “Iman cosmetics” in 1996. After 2 decades of modeling, she decided to start her own makeup line and introduced a very large range of skincare and makeup products.

Iman Cosmetics

This brand gives 2 types of lipsticks. The first one is “matte moist” and second is “mineral semi-matte lipstick.” These long-lasting lipstick that provide extra hydration and protection for sensitive lips. For best results, after first application, blot your lips with the tissue and then apply second coat.

6. Nabila

Nabila Lipsticks

Nabila is a Pakistani makeup artist. She participated in “IIFA 2018”  Bollywood awards show and is also working in Hollywood. Then introduced a “Zero/No makeup” palette that has a compact powder, lipstick, blush-on, concealer and foundation. She mastered the formula in one of the best European labs and produced it in Pakistan. It took her 15 years to first launch it in Pakistan in 2015.

Zero make-up Kit

It is an all in one face perfecting palette that also has a beautiful shade of lipstick. This palette has come in 6 different tones. According to the complexion, you can choose the palette. Ivory zero lip stain is hydrating lip stain that gives a lightweight with a sheer wash of shading. It’s rich on the application and dries in a flash to a diffused matte completion look. Its delicate formula makes lips smooth, even all day and it won’t be stuck into lip lines. Her zero make-up cost is $38.

7. Masarrat Misbah

Massarat Misbah Lipsticks

She is a cosmetologist and beautician and launched her own makeup/cosmetics line “Masarrat Makeup” after 2 to 3 years of consistent research. She claims, her items are Halal and do not have any side effects on the skin as much as other makeup products have.

Masarrat Misbah Makeup

This brand offers a Matte luxe lipstick range in 14 different colors. For the cutting-edge ladies who carry their lip shades near their heart. This matte enduring lipstick is ideal for throughout the day wear. It’s not a semi-matte lipstick, so for those who want some glossy or smooth lips, apply lip balm or lip gloss over it. The best and eye-catching thing in this lipstick range is packaging. The black and silver packaging gives a classical and bold look just like any other international branded lipsticks give.

8. Atiqa Odho

Odho's Cosmetic Lipsticks

Atiqa Odho is an icon in Pakistani drama industry, Modeling and Lollywood industry. She has spent her career over three glamorous decades. Atiqa proceeded into the makeup industry in 2004 to transform and build the cosmetic industry in Pakistan.

Odho Cosmetics

Odho’s cosmetic is the first and only celebrity brand that is made specially for Asian’s skin tone. The brand produces a variety of color ranges annotated by different names. For instance, AR-5 Lipstick means the Atiqa RED lipstick range. Similarly, AB includes brown shades and so on. Odho’s lipsticks are particularly formulated with organic and Halal material. Lipsticks are found in many shades from pink, browns and red.

9. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is an American actress, model and writer. She extended her vocation in different manners doing everything from facilitating TV shows to propelling her own books, and cosmetics line. She banded together with Becca Cosmetics in 2018 to start an assortment of cosmetics that included all flushed highlighter, lip shiner and lipsticks etc.

Becca Cosmetics

Becca lipsticks are the most negotiable lipsticks because it gives as many as 30 shades to choose in the price range of $24. She offers 30 shades to match with any outfit and any occasion.

10. Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale Lipsticks

Ashley Tisdale is an American actress, model, singer and producer. She is famous and has worked in almost 100+ advertisements. Then started her own makeup line “Illuminate Cosmetics” in the year 2014 and started this makeup line for the girls who want to illuminate their lifestyle, beauty and to looks like a celebrity.

Illuminate Cosmetics

It also has a wide range of lipstick shades that are available at a low price. This brand offers nude, matte and semi-matte lipstick in $18. This brand offers drugstore lipsticks so that we can’t get them ignored form the list of lipstick brands owned by celebrities. Blog-Ox.