The Facile 6 DIY Beauty Hacks for Flawless Face!

Facile 6 DIY Beauty Hacks

If you’re on our makeup freak list, and all your soul belongs to makeup, then you must be needing this blog yesterday, right now, and always. Being a woman and a makeup fanatic, we always are looking for fun and interesting DIY beauty hacks. Cheap makeup and Quick makeup hacks and tricks are the actual life motive for us, makeup people. (we’ll stop when we’re dead)!

DIY Beauty Hacks

Since makeup has entered in our daily routines, everyone has managed to come up with the tricks and shortcuts to make it easier, quicker and flawless.

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DIY Beauty Hacks

Here are the top five DIY beauty hacks you always should consider to make your makeup life more fun!

Hack # 1 – Exfoliate your Skin for Flawless Foundation

Exfoliate Skin for Flawless Foundation

Starting off with the base. If the foundation is completely set, the makeup is going to look flawless. Always exfoliate your face before applying makeup. You don’t need to over-do it my hard scrubbing, just take a soft grain scrub facewash, and gently exfoliate your skin.

This will get your skin free from dead cells and brighten it to add natural glow to your foundation.  It would also help foundation to stay on your face for long hours.

Hack # 2 – Pamper your Lashes with Powder

Pamper your Lashes with Powder

If you want to add volume to your eyelashes, add powder in the process. Brush your lashes. Curl them with the curler. Apply your lengthening and volume adding mascara. Powder your lashes with a translucent powder. This will add volume affect. Now give your lashes another layer of mascara to cover the powder.

There you go, with the thicker and fluffier lashes.

Hack # 3 – Use Eyeshadow as Eyeliner

Use Eyeshadow as Eyeliner

This beauty hack has been our personal favorite. Beauty lovers love-hate relationship with the eyeliners have been since forever. Sometimes we can’t get them right, and sometimes they seem too over dramatic for the routine look. And when we’re ready to go through both of the prior challenges, we are unable to find the color we want.

So whenever you are in anyone of the above mentioned situations, open your eye palette for the solution!

You can use your eyeshadow as eyeliner, any day.

Take an angled brush or eyeliner brush. Wet it a bit using water. Dip it in your eyeshadow of your own choice and swipe it away on your lash line like a queen.

It will give you a less dramatic, formal look to carry in your everyday routine.

Hack # 4 – Make your own Summer Foundation

Make your own Summer Foundation

Summers call for light and subtle looks without layering lots of creamy and heavy makeup. Even lightest of a product on your face seems too heavy to handle.

This beauty hack will take care of that. After pampering your skin with cleanser and serum. Add a drop of your routine foundation or BB cream to your moisturizer. Mix it up and apply it on your face evenly using a beauty blender or brush.

This will give you an even and tinted tone with the lightest look and product to carry all day.

Hack # 5 – Point up your Brows Using White Pencil

Point up your Brows Using White Pencil

Unlike your little one’s color box, white pencil is one of the most significant tool in your makeup box. Not only can you highlight your eye makeup, but you can also accentuate your brows using white pencil.

Shape your brow and then draw a thin line along with your brow. Blend it inside your brows with angled brow brush. This will significantly highlight the shape of your brows.

Try and see the difference yourself!

Hack # 6 – Make a 3 to Bronze Away your Face

Make a 3 to Bronze Away your Face

Talking about ease and convenience, if you want to quickly shape up your face without contouring, bronzer is your go to product.

This beauty hack makes your application of the bronzer on point. Pick up your contour or powder brush. Take some product and draw a three type shape down your face using brush on both sides of the face. Starting off from your forehead, sweeping down to cheek bone and down the jawline.

This beauty hack will cover all your face sections that need to sharpen up and will give a perfect finishing to your makeup look.

These are our favorite, easiest DIY beauty hacks of all time. Add them up in your makeup routine to be flawless! Blog-Ox.