Top 3 Makeup Trends in COVID Years!

Top 3 Makeup Trends

Year 2020 – changed everything. Starting off with our working etiquettes to beauty protocols, everything went through the major transition of “the new normal”. Have you heard about top 3 makeup trends? if not then you are the right place to know them!

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Along with the other businesses, the makeup business’ trends got affected by it as well. Quarantined at home, wearing less makeup and focusing on our skin care replaced bright lipsticks, heavy foundations and tamed hairs. 

Top 3 Makeup Trend

As we moved forward to the next year, our makeup trends got adaptive to the need of the hour as the other things. Unknowingly, somehow we all beauty freaks slipped into the comfort zone that we never experienced before.

Everybody experimented their own sense of styling and came up with the trends which turned out to be the “Makeup Trends of 2021”

Here are our top 3 picks of the trendiest makeups that have been followed in year 2021.

Bright Eyes & Nude Lips

Top 3 Makeup Trend No 1

Covering behind the mask, lips have gotten the minimal attention when it comes to the makeup this year.

Bright, sparkling eyes have been the highlights of the top 3 makeup trends in the year 2021. Playing with orange, yellow and greens while keeping the lips nude and minimal have seeked attention from lots of makeup freaks this year.

Dropping all the nude eyeshadow kits inside, people have taken out the funky eye palettes to do experiments with bright, highlighted eyes.

Due to this, Colored Mascaras have also made their place significantly in everybody’s cosmetic collections, to pull of one of these top 3 makeup trends

Dewy Skin – Light Coverage Foundations

Top 3 Makeup Trend No 2

As the covid made us all homebound, it also gave a break to our skins.Having lots of time on hands, people pampered their skins with lots of moisture and hydration. In this episode of skin care hyaluronic acid serums, sunscreens and BB creams came into trend to provide the fresh looks for screens while giving our skins their breathing space.

BB-creams replaced heavy foundations, kohl replaced eyeliners and bronzer replaced by dark contours to keep us all dewy and bronzy this year.

BB-cream covered flawless and natural skin with the base of a glowing serum and a brush of blush, you’re ready for work from home screens!

Cat Eyeliner & Bold Lips

Top 3 Makeup Trend No 3

Firstly, let’s take a moment to appreciate the way Gigi Hadid has carried this look. Classy yet cute! 

Well, now that we’ve taken care of that, let’s appreciate our 50’s beauty ancestors for introducing this fool-proof eye look for us. This look has been one of the easiest look to pull off among all top 3 makeup trends of the year.

2021 has been the year of minimalism and comfort in your beds, PJs and closed ones.

So was this makeup trend!

A classic cat eyeliner with red lips is timeless. It’s such an all in one makeup look, from being minimal and simply ready for an online session or looking soft and cute for the routine meetups, this has been a look of 2021.

A perfect sweep of liner brush around your lash line, bold red lips adding perfect flirtatious glamour and a pop of highlighter, there you go classic!

It makes you look fully ready yet simple. 

However, depending on how we even do our “wings”, it either can be your best look or the bane of your existence otherwise!

One thing that all these top 3 makeup trends have in common is comfort, breath-ability and minimalism. Focus have been drawn towards not only polishing your skin, but also looking after it through introducing healthy products for getting these top 3 makeup looks trending of 21st century which is all about beauty & glamour. Blog-Ox.