Knock the Bottom Out of the 5 Most Popular Makeup Facts and Myths!

Craziest Facts and Myths About Makeup
Makeup facts and myths

Sometimes, it’s really hard to separate facts and myths, which we were made to believe half of our lives through different reinforcements. Same is the case with the makeup facts and myths. Makeup has been a part of our lives since childhood, staring our mothers in front of mirrors and enduring their privilege of having that luxury. Since then, we’ve been hearing makeup facts and myths, dos and don’ts.

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In today’s era, the makeup industry has grown a lot. Starting off from the increasing competition among the cosmetic brands to the proper certified makeup artists and now the upcoming bloggers who in themselves are significantly contributing towards the industry and hold their own credibility and authenticity.

Where all these participants are flourishing the institution, there are a lot of makeup facts and myths that’ve created misconceptions among the followers as well. 

Popular Makeup facts and myths

Makeup Facts and Myths You Should Know

Here we are! 

To knock them all popular makeup facts and myths out for you, who hinders your reach to your full beauty potential.

Stated below are those most popular beauty facts and myths that have been succeeded to sweep in our minds logically and wrongly so.

No. 1Choose a foundation that matches your wrist

Choose a foundation that matches your wrist


Each body part and area has a different complexion and tone, and nothing matches the other. Just for a quick experiment try matching your hand with your face. Or your leg with your hands. You’ll be quite clear.

Always conduct a swatch test on your jawline to match your foundation as it’s the area between your face and neck and has the most authentic complexion.

Also, note that if a foundation matches your skin in one light, it will match your skin in every light!

Popular makeup fact and myth #1, knocked out!

No. 2 – Always choose a concealer one tone lighter than your foundation

Always choose a concealer one tone lighter than your foundation


It’s a popular myth that a concealer one tone lighter will brighten your under eyes, but please don’t fall for this. A lighter concealer will only prominent them and will give a grey color to your dark blemishes. Always get a concealer matching your foundation shade to cover the unevenness.

Yes, you can use color correctors to hide blemishes if you think a concealer is unable to conceal them.

Popular makeup fact and myth #2, knocked out!

No. 3 – Concealer goes before the foundation

Concealer goes before the foundation

Contrary to this known and frequently seen technique, the fact is that you should always apply your foundation first. It will cover many of your blemishes and spots already. Then apply concealer if there are any remaining.

This makes your face look perfectly imperfect, which is closer to your natural look.

Popular makeup fact and myth #3, knocked out!

No. 4 – Makeup gives you acne

Makeup gives you acne

No, it does not. Especially today when you have wide range of organic and dermatological tested products to choose whatever suits your skin.

Makeup does not give you breakout, your unhealthy makeup routine does. Applying makeup without preparing your skin, not removing the makeup properly at the day end, improper skin care routines and untidy brushes gives you breakout and acne.

Popular makeup fact and myth # 4, knocked out!

No. 5 – Expensive Makeup is better

Expensive Makeup is better

There are a lot of amazing drugstore makeup products options in cosmetics which won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Bigger investments in makeup products doesn’t mean they’ll always be providing value against the price.

Do your research before buying, you can find plenty of substitutes for expensive high-end brands in every product segment.

Popular makeup fact and myth # 5, knocked out!

We hope these busted myths will no longer boggle your mind in achieving the makeup looks you desire. Blog-Ox.