13 Notable Dos and Don’ts of Highlighting – Your Highlighting Cheat-Sheet

Best Highlighter Bible

With highlighters being one of the most talked-about topics in the beauty world, today, we decided why not jump the bandwagon. And so here we are with all the dos and don’ts of highlighting for achieving a red-carpet look.

This blog summarizes almost all the tips and tricks you should keep up your sleeve to slay that goddess glow, along with all the big No- No’s you should avoid while highlighting from turning yourself into a greasy, sparkly mess.

Highlighters like any other beauty product have the power to spice up your look if used correctly. However, no matter how many Instagram models you follow or tutorials you try, know that, do it the way that suits you the most!

Best Highlighter Bible

Dos and Don’ts of Highlighting

So, without further ado, let’s check out the Dos and Don’ts of highlighting:

Do Your Homework

Research well before buying a highlighter for yourself. With trends turning in favor of highlighters, a lot of beauty brands have introduced a wide range of highlighter colors and shades to include a variety of skin tones. So, whether you are fair or tan, you can find the highlighter that suits you, by trying them out, easily.

Highlighters like Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter or Wet n Wild Precious Petals Highlighter have a warm undertone and go well with medium complexions.

Similarly, for fair and pale complexions, highlighters like Hour Glass Ambient Lighting Powder or The Becca Champagne Pop, do wonders.

Don’t Follow Blindly

We can’t stress enough on this point of our dos and don’ts of highlighting. Don’t go on blindly following the Instagrammers or beauty gurus, exactly.

Everybody has their own complexion and face shape. Before copying any highlighting tutorial make sure the model has the same skin tone and face shape as yours.

For instance, don’t use an ashy highlighter if you have a dark or medium, Asian complexion. Ashy Highlighters are designed for pale skins and cool undertones, where other highlighters fall flat. For warmer tones and wheatish complexions, go for warm-toned highlighters

Best Highlighter Bible

A Second Opinion does No Harm

If you are a beginner and new to the world of highlighting, never hesitate to ask for help. The staff at beauty counters can often assist you on how to choose your highlighter match. There is a strong chance they share some good tips with you.  

Also, sometimes mirrors don’t always speak the truth. What looks flawless in the mirror doesn’t always look the same in natural light or in person.

Do ask a friend if your highlighter is well-blended. You can also click a selfie, and check if u don’t have a near one close by.

Less is More

This is the golden rule when it comes to the dos and don’ts of highlighting. Highlighters are all about enhancing your facial features. Overdoing a highlighter can turn your Oh So Glam look into a sloppy mess, really quick.

Add Alternative Illuminators

It’s a good idea to add alternative illuminators to your highlighting routine. For instance, instead of baking your under-eyes, you can brighten them up by using an illuminating primer.

Similarly, if you have open pores on your nose, rather than emphasizing it with a powder highlighter, a smart choice will be a concealer of a lighter shade.

The concealer will not only cover up the large pores but will also brighten up and sculpt your nose.

Or you can use a foundation of lighter shade as a base highlight to bring out the areas you desire. This will help achieve a natural and blended look.

Best Highlighter Bible

All that Glitters is not Gold

We know that glittery highlighters adorned in the highlighter pallets are super inviting. But unless you’re off to a disco or a wild night out, avoid the urge of using glittery highlighters.

Almost all high-end highlighters have finely milled shimmer in them which is totally safe to use. On the contrary, highlighters with chunks of glitter in them not only appear uneven but may also displace your foundation beneath.

And while we are on it, Never, and I repeat, never use normal glitter on your face!!

Cosmetic glitters are designed specifically for your skin and thus are safe. Other glitters can irritate your skin.

Invest in the Right Tools

Never shy away from investing in the right tools. Investing in good brushes will help you attain perfection easily along with giving a flawless glow, every time.

Powder highlighters, generally tend to settle better with brushes whereas liquid highlighters blend well with sponges. However, which tool to use is completely your choice and ease.

Although, a popular opinion is using the fan brush for highlighting, if you ask me, a tapered brush works the best for me. Fan brushes, if not used precisely can result in clear lines of highlighter on your face.

On the other hand, a tapered brush gives a more blended, graduated dose of shine. However, fan brushes are good for highlighting your nose bridge and cupid bow.

Never Forget to Blend!

Don’t ever forget to blend. Blending is the key to achieving a uniform, flawless look. Always keep your makeup sponges or beauty blenders close.

They are easy to use and blend in your product completely into your skin, giving a more natural look. 

One quality of a good highlighter is that it is always easy to blend in, in comparison to second-rate highlighters.

Choose the Right Spots

Highlighting is all about choosing the right spots to highlight. Always focus on the areas that you love and want to attract attention to.

Highlighting the wrong places can completely change your look therefore, the strategic placement of a highlighter is very important.

Any beginner’s guide to highlighters will guide you enough to highlight your cheekbones, nose bridge, and cupid’s bow.

However, to be more precise about accentuating your desired features, check out the following tips:

  • For a longer, narrower nose, run the highlighter down its bridge and blend.
  • Illuminate the inner corners of your eyes and beneath your brow bone, for a wakening effect. 
  • To enhance your cheek bones, highlight in a C-shape, from above your brows to the top of your cheek bone.
  • To finish off the look, use a very fine shimmer powder in a minimal amount to get the desired glow.

For more detailed information on highlighter applications, check out our blog on how to apply powdered highlighters!

Best Highlighter Bible

Don’t Drag your Highlighter to the Center of your Face

This one’s a tricky one of the dos and don’ts of highlighting, and thus worth taking care of.

Your cheeks are where most of the layering occurs. Make sure to separately place and properly blend the contour, blush, and highlighter.

If you want to illuminate your cheeks, a smart move will be to use blush with finely milled shimmer rather than a highlighter. Dragging your highlighter all the way to the apple of your cheeks can make your face look puffy.

Never highlight the spots with uneven, textured skin or large, open pores. This will draw attention to all the wrong places accentuating your skin problems.

Always Opt for a Natural Glow

Unless the occasion asks for it, choosing natural, subtle highlighting options will always be a good decision.

You can tone down your highlighters using makeup fixers. This will not only enhance the glow but will also give it a more blended look.

Similarly, mixing a drop of liquid highlighter with your foundation can also give a more natural, unanimous glow. Cream highlighters are also a very good option for achieving a subtle glow.

Don’t Add Too Much Sparkle to your Face

The rule of thumb is to keep one of these bold, either the eyes or the lips. The same goes for everything.

Layering too many sparkly products can make you a mess. Combining your sparkling highlighter with matte blush and eye shadows will make your highlighter pop while keeping the overall look more blended. 

Practice is the Key to Perfection!

And last but not the least, Eat, Sleep, Highlight, Repeat!

Practice makes a woman perfect and the more you practice the better you will become. There is a whole lot of beauty videos and tutorials for you to watch on the internet.

So, get your hands going on that pixie dust while following the dos and don’ts of highlighting and you will master your desired look in no time. You Glow Girl! Blog-Ox.